Sackville Memorial Hospital

Dorchester is only 15 minutes from the 33-bed acute care Sackville Memorial Hospital. The hospital has a special-care unit and provides emergency and outpatient services. You can also visit the Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation online.

Moncton Hospital

The Moncton Hospital is located in Moncton, New Brunswick. With a population of more than 120,000, Greater Moncton is the fastest growing area of the province and is continually recognized for its thriving cultural scene, excellent quality of life and booming economy. The Moncton Hospital is a leader in health care delivery and health promotion. New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual Canadian province and patients receive services in their language of choice: English or French.

The Moncton Hospital is known for specialty services in critical care that include: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Coronary Intensive Care Unit; Provincial Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit; Burn Unit; and the city’s only ambulance service. Each year more than 60,000 people visit The Moncton Hospital’s emergency room, 15,000 of who are admitted. The Moncton Hospital is located between two major roads: Mountain Road and Wheeler Boulevard (highway 15).

Dr. Georges-L. Dumont Regional Hospital

The Beauséjour Regional Health Authority, located in Moncton, New Brunswick, is the greatest consolidation of francophone health care services in Atlantic Canada. The Corporation was created after a radical reform of the health care system in 1992. The Authority is administered from the Dr. Georges-L. Dumont Regional Hospital, a 302-bed facility that provides a comprehensive range of primary, specialized and tertiary health care services to a large population of residents in the official language of their choice. The Dr. Georges-L. Dumont Regional Hospital is the francophone teaching hospital of New Brunswick for the medical, nursing and paramedical sectors and the hospital is the primary institution for various internship programs.

Healthcare Accommodations

  • Hostel: The Moncton Hospital provides accommodations for out-of-town visitors or persons receiving treatment at the hospital but who do not need to be admitted. A nominal fee is charged. Hostel staff can be reached at the Moncton Hospital, 1 (506) 857-5349, Monday–Friday, from 9 to 5 and 11 to 5 on Sundays. Should you require information outside these hours, please contact the Admitting Department at 1 (506) 857-5510. All persons staying at the hostel must be able to look after themselves or be accompanied by a family member who can provide the needed care.
  • In-Patient Beds: Canadian residents have basic coverage for ward accommodations through Medicare. Medicare does not cover private and semi-private rooms. If you have other insurance coverage please check with your health insurance carrier to determine what level of accommodations is covered. Eligible claims and coverage for accommodations vary and depend on your private and provincial health insurance plans.
  • Hotel accommodations: The “Families Inn Need” and the “Room at the Inn” programs at the Moncton Hospital may be able to arrange for local hotel lodging, at no cost, to out-of-town families who have a loved one admitted to the Moncton Hospital. Accommodation is subject to availability and the guidelines at participating establishments. Please contact the SERHA Nursing Office for more details, 1 (506) 857-5740.
  • Shiretown Manor is a senior citizens home with ten units which are overseen by the New Brunswick Housing Corporation.

Ambulances in New Brunswick — through land, air, and dispatch services — are consolidated under a new public-sector company to ensure that New Brunswickers, no matter where they live, have access to the same high-quality pre-hospital care.